About Us

Who We Are

WitchyWooo is a small business based in Hampshire, UK. Ran by myself, Jessica, an Eclectic Witch who is highly empathic and on my own spiritual journey. I believe in coming together as a community to make our world a better place, for not only people but animals, nature and future generations.

We only use recyclable paper & packaging so there is no waste from receiving our products, you can also re-use the packaging to create your own gift box for the ones you love as there is no branding on them.

Our well-being products are created using only natural, pure ingredients so that our bodies aren’t absorbing anything that it shouldn’t be. As for our Witchcraft supplies, they are all sustainable and ethically sourced.

We also love to give back to our community and donate to our local charities and organisations with profits made by WitchyWooo.

Why We Started

I created WitchyWooo after a tough spiritual awakening that I did not expect, but am truly grateful for. We all go through traumas and experiences that change us as people, for me, I would just say I woke up and opened my eyes to what I couldn’t see before.

As my journey progressed, I had this strong urge to improve my own life, my family’s lives and to make a difference to the universe and everyone/everything in it. I have been interested in Witchcraft and the unknown from a very young age, being in the generation of ‘Charmed’ is what I believe drew my interest!

After a lot of research, time and a few more life challenges, I came to realise that being a Witch wasn’t just about creating spells and rituals to benefit myself and my situation, but it was about creating an un-seen energy that is put out into the universe when intentions are set. I was in fact ‘awoken’ by how powerful we are as individuals and how powerful we can be when we come together.

WitchyWooo was created so that we each have the tools provided to put out good intentions and energy to the universe for her to listen and respond, whilst looking after our mind, body and soul in the process.

Witchcraft Box



We are a spiritual shop that believes in affordable quality products using only eco friendly, 100% recyclable paper & packaging🌿

It is our job to put out good intentions, gratitude and our dreams to the universe for mother nature to listen and respond.

I wanted to create something where new and experienced witches have the supplies to create their own spells and rituals with the information provided on my website and in the Ritual Boxes for guidance.



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